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I’ve put together a list of helpful links to support groups, downloadable PDFs and resources that were very useful to me while going through all of this. Hopefully, you will find something that will be of use to you.

Informative Articles, Support Groups, and Foundations

Download my 6 month protocol out of Derealization PDF
Neuro-Cognitive Lyme Disease – Lyme Disease and The Mind
Lyme Induced Autism Foundation
Lyme Friends
12 Steps Programs
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CODA)
Info on Healthy and drug free programs for Autism Spectrum disorders
That Tap Water Is Legal But May Be Unhealthy
The Negative Effects of EMFs
Live Longer Cleanse for Heavy Metal Detox
The Problem With Inflammation in Lyme Disease
Dr. Klinghardts Treatment of Lyme Disease
ILADS – International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
Dr. Burrascano’s Diagnostic Hints and Guidelines 2008″
CALDA – California Lyme Disease Association
Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
Turn The Corner Foundation
Lyme Disease Association
Facebook Group – Lyme Disease Awareness

Alternative Treatments

Dr. Klinghardt
Cowden Protocol
Perry Fields

Diet & Exercise

Diet Guidelines
Exercise Guidelines
Mayo Clinic Information on Eating Gluten Free

Insurance & Disability Assistance

Help Disability Source
SSDI Benefits for Lyme
Applying for Benefits
Do I Qualify for Benefits?
Do I Qualify for SSDI?
Center for Medicare Advocacy
Legal and Advocacy Resources
Disability Lawyers
What to do when your insurance company won’t pay

Lyme News

Lyme film in People Magazine
UNDER OUR SKIN – Screenings
Need for Clinical Judment in Lyme (pdf)
Babeiosis: A quiet yet deadly concern
How to get an article into your local paper

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Helpful Tips That Worked For Me
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Insurance and Disability Assistance

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