First Steps of Recovery

First, let me start by giving you the biggest hug! Chronic anxiety, depersonalization, derealization, and brain fog are very hard to suffer through because no one can really see them or understand them. I know how alone they can make you feel. For most, they cause a total disruption in your life causing you to lose relationships, your job, and generally causing you to be stagnant or debilitated in your life.

This website is not meant to be a doctor’s advice, but rather a personal account of my story, hopefully giving you insight and hope that there is a way of overcoming debilitating chronic anxiety, depersonalization, derealization, and brain fog. I hope that ultimately this website will teach you ways of dealing with an invisible illness and help you to get your life back!

Let me hold your hand and guide you through some steps for your recovery.

Like many, I tried every self-help book but that didn’t work. Why? Because soon I realized that it was all about me fixing me! I realized that in my tangled web of anxiety focusing on myself to fix myself was going to be a problem.

Lyme Disease - First Steps In Recovery

Am I alone in this?

Living with chronic anxiety, depersonalization, derealization and brain fog due to other possible chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease can be a nightmare. The nightmare is not only living in the unknown, but also in the loneliness and the endless questions you ask yourself throughout the process.

Am I in the middle of a nightmare?
Is this really happening to me?
What happened to my life?
Is my life really over?
How do the doctors not know what’s wrong with me?
Does no one around me understand?
I am so scared.
If I don’t have my health I have nothing.
I have no more money left for these doctors!
Won’t someone please help me!?

These feelings are very understandable for someone with a chronic illness that affects the mind that doctors cannot see or don’t understand. It is very scary. Please let me help you and hold your hand through it. I lived with all of these questions for several years before I realized what needed to be done.

What I learned is that it is important, as with any illness, to FIRST tackle the emotional feelings connected to whatever you are experiencing. The reason is that your emotional and spiritual health is going to be your foundation to get you through the scary parts of healing the physical body.

What was interesting in my case is that once I started combating the emotional manifestations of Lyme disease, I only started feeling the physical symptoms of Lyme. It was almost as if the anxiety and depersonalization covered up the physical symptoms of Lyme.

Illness can be caused by a weakened immune system due to chronic stress, or in my case, a manifestation of chronic late state neurological Lyme disease (which was causing anxiety). This is why it is so important to help cure the anxiety and depersonalization before tackling the heart of the problem, which may be caused by a bacterial infection or something else.

Now I know what you are thinking … Your anxiety and depersonalization are emotionally based. Well … yes and no. There are a number of bacterial-borne and viral-borne diseases that cause depression and anxiety. If the infection stays long enough and causes major anxiety, then the person can have chronic depersonalization, which is the body’s way of protecting itself.

Dealing with the emotions or the emotional manifestations of any disease will help be a way of coping for any physical scary symptoms that come along during treatment and ultimately help keep your immune system in check to combat the disease once and for all.

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