Anxiety and Depersonalization

First, if you take anything from my experience, please take the following information in this section to heart.

In my process of recovery, I realized that there are three key ways of getting rid of chronic anxiety and depersonalization. And unfortunately, like most things in life, the key to getting what you want is a paradox.

Remember your mother telling you that you will meet someone when you least expect it? Or have you ever noticed when you act like you don’t need someone, people tend to flock to you? Well, getting out of chronic anxiety and depersonalization is a lot like that.

The three most important ways I discovered to get rid of anxiety are:

  1. Taking the focus off of yourself
  2. Bringing God/a higher power into your life
  3. Becoming okay with death

I know you are probably saying, “How can I take the focus off of myself? I’m so frightened! How can I be okay with death when I already feel like I am the walking dead?” Well, it’s exactly these thoughts that are causing you to be “stuck” in anxiety. Taking the focus off of yourself, bringing a higher power into your life, and being okay with death will slowly pull you out of this vortex. They did for me.

Research shows that it takes 30 days to make a habit, and 3 months for it to stick. Let’s make a pact right now that we are going to try the above 3 keys for 90 days.

The Tangled Web

Depersonalization is at the top of this “tangled web.” Underneath is major anxiety and then once the anxiety goes away you are left with (in my case) a deadly bacterial infection. In a way this makes sense because when something is physically wrong with us the brain is ultimately the one that picks up on it. However, if your brain is already in fight or flight mode or “anxiety” mode — that takes precedence over any physical ailment in your body. Unfortunately, the response from cortisol and the adrenaline gland is severely outdated. Our little stressors cause the body to go into defense mode, which severely takes precedence over any physical ailment.

So basically your body is doing its job! But, the key is to let your body know that there is no “fright or flight” going on and then once it realizes this then it can start feeling the physical feelings. Let me tell you briefly about my experience with depersonalization and anxiety. I look at it like an out of control web.

First my depression came. Then on top of the depression came anxiety. Then on top of the anxiety came depersonalization. So depersonalization is almost like a bunch of emotions wrapped up in a ball causing the person to, in a sense, become “emotionally numb.”

I found that most of my feelings with depersonalization were similar to an alcoholic or a drug addict. Maybe even worse than a drug addict. I felt the same way as a far gone homeless person on the street might feel. I actually remember having a conversation with one down near the village in Manhattan. He was talking about how he crossed this invisible line between the land of the living and the dead. Oh how I felt similar. However, instead of feeding those empty feelings with drugs, my feelings were filled with more anxiety and numbness.

Once the layer of depersonalization started to unravel, I started feeling for the first time, the anxiety set in. For about a month I didn’t know what to do with all these feelings (how to manage them), and then all of the sudden my physical symptoms came stirring about. These included chronic fatigue, dizziness, and heart palpitations. First and foremost it is important when dealing with depersonalization and anxiety to see a doctor and to get tested for Lyme and/or rule out any other diseases. Such tests out on the market are IGENEX. (I listed a few on this website.)

Second, it’s important to tackle the depersonalization and the anxiety because that is the only way you will be able to get better. Anxiety causes your immune system to weaken dramatically so it’s important even in the long haul of a chronic illness to keep your emotions in check.

Let’s begin telling your body that there is no “fright or flight” and get you out of anxiety!/


The first key to conquering anxiety is realizing that you are powerless over it. Like so many people with anxiety, I tried cognitive behavioral therapy. The idea here is that for every negative thought you have to give yourself a positive thought. For example, one might say, “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay with my financial situation.” The problem with this is that your conscious mind really thinks that everything is not okay. And it actually isn’t when you have four dollars left in your account!

Anxiety is almost like a vortex that goes around and around in a circle. Recovery is really a matter of pulling yourself out of this circle. To do this, you need to take action. Take action steps and then your head will follow. I promise!

Folks, I’ll be honest I tried every self-help book known to mankind! I would walk around the room talking to myself with various CDs and DVDs playing and I would say over and over again things like, “I am good.” “I am special.” “I am kind.” The problem with this method is that you can say these things many times over again, but depending on how you grew up, there is always a chance that you won’t believe these words — and especially (at least in my case) with the financial worries! That was the worst! With four cents in your bank account do you really think it’s going to be okay? You tell yourself, “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay with four cents in my bank account. Wait!? This has to be wrong!”

After awhile I started to recognize that I was constantly trying to control my anxiety and depersonalization by all of these positive self-help books and tapes. Then one day I realized I was totally powerless over everything. I threw all the tapes and books on the floor and that was my first step towards recovery.

Anxiety & Depersonalization RecoveryAre you ready to admit you are TOTALLY powerless over your anxiety and depersonalization?





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