Below are the notes from my journey (inexpensive ways and home remedies)*. The three phases were part of my Lyme treatment. Do each phase for TWO months. It should be 6 months long. After 6 months please continue phase 3 or just simple maintenance. After phase 2, the person should regain significant memory, energy and see overall improvement in health.

Symptoms and typical Lyme Patient questions:

Q: I have lower back pain. What do I do?

A: This could be the bugs they tend hide out there or overall weakness.

Q: The bottom of my feet kill. Why is this?

A: This could be a Lymphatic issue. Using detox pads might help or doing a ionic foot bath. This will help relieve some of the pain. Honestly massages although good don’t really FIX the problem. You have to get the lymphatic system going.

Q: I have major heart palpitations on the left side near my heart! Could I be having a heart attack?

A. Relax. Stay calm. Of course if your vitals or EKG is wrong then please see a doctor. Take care of yourself. But, if your vitals are fine then this could be an electrolytes/mineral problem. Your body is just going into shock mode. Here are some questions that I need to ask…did you do any detoxing? Were you in the sauna? Colonic, enema. Did you take any sort of laxative or anything to get stuff out? Every time you get stuff out of the colon and the stomach it takes minerals and electrolytes. Your body needs these replenished.

Q: Immense brain fog. What do I do?

A: The coffee enemas will definitely help especially when you are irritable. The coffee enemas are different than regular colonics because they empty out the bloodstream. This could also relieve some of the brain fog. When you are doing the coffee enema you will sense a release in the brain after holding in the coffee for about 10 minutes. Once you sense that release you know that toxins are being flushed out of the system.

Q: I have TMJ and flushing in my head. What should I do?

A:  This could be an infection in your jaw. It might be advisable to get the thermal imaging test pronto!!

Q: I have low energy. What is this from?

A: This is definitely a gland issue. Either adrenals or low iodine. We all have low thyroid issues. One way to test if you are low on iodine is to rub iodine in your arm. It’s important to wait a couple of hours after doing this. If it seeps in and you cant see it anymore then your body needs it.

Q: I have flushing symptoms in my head. What should I do?

A: Any hotness in your head or back could be an infection in your jaw. Again, get the thermal imaging test pronto! You could have an infection from your wisdom teeth removal that your body couldn’t remove way back in the past.

Q: I have Lyme and need to kill off this stuff. Is the parasite cleanse going to help?

A: YES! Once you start detoxing there are many many ways of killing the Lyme. Lyme is just another foreign object in your body. A parasite cleanse will do the trick, Oregano oil, coconut oil (eating lots of this will help). OH and note that rinsing coconut oil in your mouth for a good 5 minutes and spitting it in the toilet will rid your mouth of bacteria. Other ways of killing lyme are the salt C protocol, the vitamin C IV, LDM 100 and two feathers. You will be incorporating all of these methods in the protocol below. Please make sure to do these AFTER you finish phase one. These can only be done when your body can properly flush out the system.

Notes to keep in mind.

If you keep doing the right things you will get better.

Progress is two steps forward one step back. You have to keep doing the right things so that you teach your body how to take care of itself. The longer the time going in the right path, the better you’re going to get. At first, the change might be overwhelming, but you have to go through this to get to the other side. There are no other options, besides just feeling like hell everyday for the rest of your life. A step in the right direction is always better than the step in the wrong direction or not taking a step at all.

One piece of advice is that it is so important to not let your emotions get out of control. It’s important to write down everything so you can see progress.  Just see this as a journey, not an obstacle.


**This phase is for the first two months

Please note that your immune system is being suppressed. You have Baronella, Bacteria, Neurotoxins .  You simply cannot detox because there is so much more going on. Unfortunately. It is important to reduce the load temporarily.

First things first.

1. Know if pathology is in the mouth. This is from the biological dental association. If you had a root canal or wisdom teeth removed then the removal of the teeth could have left over some bacteria that your body couldn’t properly filter out. This feeds waste in blood. It is important to get thermal imaging done. Wherever the hot spots are indications of inflammation and disease
Please note that a healthy Jaw would be COLD

The dental surgery is called CAVITAT. This is only if you sense that there are red spots in the thermal imaging. You can also test this by a Meridian Stress test. This will see if the metals are in your teeth.

Please note that once you get the dental work done you will be getting sicker.
It is important to do something every day to help release the infection.

One of the doctors that I went to was Dr. Galros. The website is http://www.biologicaldentist.com/.

2. Aloe juice:

*This are great for digestive repair, cellular repair of organs that are damaged, waste removal, etc. (in combo you get everything from the aloe plant to use for inflammation as well as cellular repair and detox)

3. Parasite Cleanse:
(go slow at first and make sure you’re doing detoxing before doing this.. Its BEST to do a COLON CLEANSE BEFORE.

4. The Complete Health Kit.  – The first link to the left (it has the mineral, electrolyte and vitamin kit all in one) Kit comes with Green Label unless you otherwise specify (you can note BLUE LABEL in the comment box on order form)


Another mineral which I took when I couldn’t afford these is called Cell Food or Trace Minerals (it’s a blue bottle from whole foods).

5. Ionic Foot Bath (you can buy one online cheap for 100 dollars) watch your iron levels when you do this.


6. Psyillum Husk/Benoite Clay (get online or Whole foods market) Combine both for removing toxins inside digestive system. These are very strong. Don’t take them with nutrients or your vitamins. Please see my schedule on my website. Take them hours apart also, take them about an hour after your parasite cleanse.

7. Keep Eating RICE. Lots of RICE. RICE soaks up the toxins

8. Coffee Enema (for constipation) THIS IS KEY! When doing this please please please replace electrolytes or you will end up sick at first because your body is SO toxic. Take electrolytes BEFORE doing this. Watch your minerals too!! Use organic coffee in a 4 ounce disposable enema bottle. Pour off an ounce of the saline solution. Add 3 tablespoons of organic instant coffee to the bottle. It should be between 96 degrees and 103 degrees. Lie on left side to administer the enema. Then the front and then the other side.

Why coffee enema? The liver has a central role in the removal of toxins from the body. It detoxifies and excretes hormones in the bile. A coffee enema can decrease the toxic load in the liver. There is a portal vein in the rectum that allows the coffee to rapidly activate the liver. It dumps the load into the GI tract for removal via stools. Coffee enemas will disrupt the acide-alkaline balance in the colon. The environment for healthy probiotics will be less than optimal. 24 hours after you MUST do reflorestation. See below.

9. After Coffee Enema take these rectal probiotics. http://www.MyRealHealth.com and sells the rectal probiotics. Please note you can make your own. Just get an enema bottle and put two capsules in. Put warm filtered water and hold it for 90 minutes. The water should be between 98 and 103 degrees. Lets not burn you!

10. Skin Detox: http://magneticclay.com/store/Departments/Magnetic-Clay-Baths.aspx (you can get the overall detox which is just clay or Tox Away one). Watch your minerals! If you start getting the heart jitters run to the minerals!!

11. Permeability Factors– For GUT HEALTH, helps inflammation, repair leaky gut
Can be used with High amounts of GLUTAMINE AND GOOD Probiotic!

12. Zeolite– name of strange product that apparently grabs up toxins and metals. She not be taken with nutrients either.

13. Castor oil packs. Place on abdomen from the bottom of the ribs to top of hipbones. Cover with plastic to keep from soiling bedding. This is good for constipation. Heating pad or got water bottle placed on top. Do this 3 times per week. Some sleep with it.

14. Grapefruit remedy (good for constipation)
6 or 8 pieces. Cover with water and bring to boil. Let it simmer. Take fruit sip it as hot as possible. Add honey to sweeten.

15. Rebounding on a little trampoline will help the lymphatic system

16. Skin Brushing-Get a whistle brush and cleanse around the groin, back of head, below chin, armpit towards the heart)

17. Glutamine-amino acid for muscle recovery (please see above)

18. Infrared Sauna would be good at this stage. GO EASY! Remember you are VERY VERY ILL. Start small. Take electrolytes and minerals BEFORE you do this.

19. CQ10, Selenium are good to take. Please keep drinking the aloe juice. Yerba mate is good to drink at this stage as well.

20. If you’re not in the sun, vitamin D 5,000 units 50,000 units, ultra therapeutic, can be a potent antibiotic.

21. Milk thistle: Good for your liver
22. Soaking your skin: Both sea salts and baking soda will help purify your body and help to pull out the poisons. The baking soda is also highly alkaline. Alkaline will help the poisons to seep out of your skin quicker.

Stay in the tub as long as you can. A good twenty to thirty minute soaking is preferred.
As you are soaking, drink some water, to help keep you from becoming dehydrated.

You can also use a loofah sponge on your skin as you are soaking; to help kneed the toxins to the top of your skin and eventually on out of your body.

22. Try a Colonic. Watch your minerals and electrolytes!!

23. Do Food combining. You can google this on the internet it helps your body digest foods better.

24. Constipation continued….Flaxseed and olive oil “grease up” the guts. When you cook drench your food in these. Chicory plant and Guar Gum is very helpful too.

This product is great too! I would take it and then take magnesium at night and vitamin C powder in the morning.

25. Oatmeal is really good to lower the parasite count in your guts.

26. Vitamin C and magnesium are very helpful to relieve constipation. You can get the vitamin C powder. Take the magnesium at night and the vitamin C in the morning.

27. Remember to chew your food well! Digestive enzymes are in our saliva. Help your body break down the food faster. If you are too weak then juicing was another popular option.


2 months long



Thyroid issue- take SpectraCell t 303 (Google this). Take in AM.
Also get Integrative doctor to test your iodine with skin test. You may want to start using a little (one or two drops of it is good per day).

Double or Triple your dosage of the minerals from phase one until it tastes bad.

High C (this kills the lyme gently)– once a week, can start ASAP. High C-IV cleans out waste and kills lyme. Try doing this at least 1x a week. See how you feel from it.

Salt and C protocol (this kills the lyme gently)– 3g of salt (1/4th teaspoon) and 1/4th teaspoon of vitamin C taken 4 times a day.  And do this ONE WEEK ON and ONE WEEK OFF – 4 times (that should get the life cycle of the bacteria). Any vitamin C will do (just stick to powder) It’s best to drink this mixture.

A little note about salt. Don’t use NORMAL salt! Its really actually bad for you. It lacks minerals and is processed. Please use the salt below for all future cooking etc.

I like this salt: http://www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/ <http://www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/   (get the grounded up kind and you’ll have to measure it out). It’s way better than the table stuff.  Never go above 18 g a day. You must drink at least a gallon of water per day while doing this. make sure you take your electrolytes if you need them to try to stay balanced, but you will be off balance as this will keep things kind of messed up while doing this. You may get diarrhea. Back off if it gets too bad.

Frequency Healing– Ondamed device – treatment once a week. You need to start stimulating the cells. OR Multi Wave Oscillator- this will be a tough one to find, but it’s an amazing machine.

NOTE: The ondamed does have frequencies to kill lyme. It also has frequencies to build your immune system and nervous system up. Once you start killing off the Lyme you will start to have a almost “raw” sensation in the back of your head. Don’t freak out. Your neurological system has just been tormented by the lyme for so long (esp Bartonella in your head) that it becomes raw when they are killed off. Little by little your nerves will start to regenerate. The frequency cards help this.

Don’t forget to add Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Infrared sauna-steam making you sweat. This is good for heavy metals

Remember: KEEP taking aloe.
Yerba Mate: Tons: your body really wants lots of anti-oxidants, Teas, foods high in antioxidants.

To flush out your colon: Take the Benzonite clay and the water husk with 8oz of water together. Don’t take this with minerals.

Skin Brushing-make sure that you do it underneath your chin and under your arms to your heart. There is an infection hanging out there.

High C-IV: clean out waste and kills lyme. At least 1x a week. See how you feel from it.

Ozonate water: 2x a day (wait 2 to 3 weeks)

Keep Detoxing: Start doing things to build your immune system.

Bacteria feeds on minerals so it is important that you double your minerals!!

DMSO: You can order this online. Take a bit of the DMSO and 3% or 8% Food grade hydrogen peroxide. Please please make sure the food grade hydrogen is diluted if you are getting 35%! It will burn your skin! It will get warm right away. Apply to back of spine. Base of neck to tail bone. You will itch like crazy. Wait till your skin absorbs this. You can also do DMSO and aloe. You can apply this on the spine. 

Metabolic Enzymes: Nanokenses

Get Pure Iodine this is supporting the thyroid.  Take ONE drop ONLY once a day or every other day. Do the Iodine test.

So you will be using a combo on Chlorella and Cilantro.  Chlorella should be taken 1 gram (3 to 4 times a day). You will do this for 4 months minimum.

After one week of 1 gram (3-4 times a day) you will then BUMP up to 3 grams (3 to 4 times a day) for one week.

Then you take 2 or 3 weeks at 1 gram (3 to 4 times a day again).

Do this schedule for 4 months min. You take this BEFORE meals (about 30 minutes)

Cilantro should be taken by placing 2 drops in water (2 times a day) for the first week. And you want to take this around the same time you take Chorella.
You do ONE week of just 2 drops (2 times a day). The next week you bump up to 10 drops (3 times a day). Then you take 2 weeks off of it completely. Once you’re back on again you’re using the 10 drops (3 times a day) for one week and then 2 weeks off. Do this for 4 months minimum.

I would do this kind of chelation BEFORE any IV DMPS drips.

There is a “special kind” of chorella. It’s broken cell wall. Basically you can do this post dental surgery and it’s best to do this for 4 months (minimum). The good news is that there is no real side effect but only health benefits with this protocol. So it’s not like taking medicine for long periods of time. Over time this will help you chelate metals but also other toxins as they are released into your gut.  So you will be using a combo on Chorella and Cilantro.

Drinking wheat grass


2 months and maintenance

Keep doing Ondamed (use frequencies to kill Lyme and enhance cells)

Stop Vitamin C protocol.

Colustrum: Add this in to stimulate your immune system

Be sure to not eat Sushi. You can get worms from the raw food.

Parasite cleanse-might want to redo

Diconomous Clay. You can get this in bulk $10. They are shards of glass, powder-gray powder, while doing cleanse. 1 tbl spoon a day mix it in water and drink it.

Beta Glucan-is really good has garlic in it and keeps the parasites down

Frequency tube and cards to replace the ondamed.

MWO once 2 x a week for 30 min

Coffee enemas, keep on detoxing and taking electrolytes

Probiotic-put it in water-one hour, mix it in, shake it up reflorestation-intestines, rebuild immune system

Spectra 303 (keep taking this, wean off energy good don’t need it)

Take Licorice root in the morning and add in Eleuthero Root Extract in the morning.

Skin Brush your face and keep detoxing.

Start exercising.

For maintenance it is going to be taking the supplements, exercising and detoxing cleanses once a year

Do the Aloe and the DMSO on the back .

Oregano Oil is good as well.

MMS-this should be the last thing you do. You need to be stronger.

LDM-100 (MAJOR antibiotic for killing Lyme). (google this)

Two feathers (MAJOR antibiotic for killing Lyme) only do this when you are back to being healthy again!! This can dry out your system or adrenals. (google this)

Last but not least drink tons of water!! Cayenne pepper is really good for inflammation.

Lemons balance the PH in your system.

At this stage you should start to see major improvements! Your memory should be clearing up.

Many blessings to good health!!!



* Thank you so much for visiting my site. It is important with every protocol to be seeing a doctor who can take your hand and walk you through this. Please note that these notes were from my journey and I am graciously providing them to you for general educational information only. The information provided is not intended, nor should it be used as, a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or seen on here. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

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